Hi have read through a lot of different leptin threads- and it gets pretty overwhelming pretty quickly. A quick background on me-
I am 5'2" weigh 153, female. I was down to 136 a year ago, but have gained this back in a matter of months- I had a couple of weeks in that time where I was eating rice- but otherwise the weight gain has come while maintaing a paleo diet and/or trying out nutritional ketosis for a few months. I don't eat dairy or any sweeteners as well.
I was just recently diagnosed with CFS, fibro, low b12 (despite being paleo for 2 years now), low vit D, low T3. I take ribose for the fibro- very helpful, vitamin IV drips (for the vit. deficiency and to get boosts of selenium, zinc, vit. c, etc), I am taking cytomel for the thyroid, and i take supplements for digestive health as well.
I was curious if those of you who have tried leptin resets could just briefly give me their thoughts on it- was it helpful or not? why did you try it? did you have any adverse reactions b/c of it? etc.

I have tried IFing- a disaster for me (couldn't stop eating when i was in my window). I have tried NK twice (gained 10 lbs each time). I have limited fruits, starchy veggies, nuts, etc- nothing helped me lose weight. I realize that my current health situation will be an inhibitor- but I would really like to stop gaining, craving, and thinking about food constantly- so if there is anything I can change in my current eating plan, I'd like to try it.

I don't think the protocol for the LR would be hard for me- i am ravenous in the mornings and could easily eat a big fat juicy steak :-D

I would appreciate any feedback you guys could give me- Thanks!