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Thread: Minimal oil frying machine

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    Minimal oil frying machine

    This thing can apparently make low-fat French fries with only a tablespoon of oil per 2 pounds of potatoes. The reviews of the actual fries it produces are good but it seems the machine is pretty low quality. T-fal FZ700050 ActiFry Low-Fat Healthy Dishwasher Safe Multi-Cooker, White: Kitchen & Dining

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    Tejas Norte
    I have one.

    BTW: It's probably best to think of it as a specialized convection oven rather than a fryer. They pitch "frying" but the results are closer to what you would get from an oven if you were constantly flipping/stirring the food.

    It's actually great for a lot of things. My favorite uses are for vegetable roasting (cubes of beets, turnips, parsnip, etc., plus salt, oil, maybe some rosemary or the like....they turn out great with very little effort) or for cooking cubed meat (cubes of beef run in the machine for 12-15 minutes comes out a nice medium rare if the cubes are the right size), either for direct use or for soup. It can even be used to cook bacon (comes out as balls of nicely cooked bacon), bratwurst, and the like. It's very convenient and produces consistently good results with minimal effort.

    It's also really fragile. A small drop (as in, I had it standing up on one end and it fell over) broke the exterior plastic in a few places, and earlier this week the end of the stirring rotor broke off when I was cooking up a mess of vegetables to add to a stew. It still works, kinda, but for such an expensive device the build quality is totally unacceptable. I'm trying to figure out whether to DIY fix it like I did for the exterior plastics, buy a new rotor, or trash the whole thing.

    There is no way I could recommend buying a ~$200 cooker that self destructs after <2 years of regular use.
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