Okay, I admit it, I am a lover of processed meats. I love sausage, bologna, hot dogs, ham, salami, SPAM, etc. Grind it up with some spices, fat, etc., stick it in a casing, and I'm your girl. While some may miss sweets when they switch to primal, it's these processed meats I miss. (Or mostly miss because I occasionally indulge.)

So, I posted in another thread something silly about SPAM and I thought I should go see how non-primal it really is. Here are the ingredients for SPAM classic:

Pork shoulder
Potato Starch
Sugar (not HFCS)
Sodium Nitrate

And they claim that 90% is from the pork shoulder. The gelatinous stuff is the aspic that happens when the pork broth cools.

So, I'm thinking that perhaps I could make a primal version of SPAM for myself to crisp up and put next to fried eggs. They've given me 90% of the recipe.

What say you primal cooks? Should I give it a shot?