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Thread: "13 Things I Hate About Running"

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    "13 Things I Hate About Running"

    I found this post earlier today. I feel kinda sorry for her:
    13 Things I Hate About Running

    Maybe the fact that your runs feel like death marches, you walk like a granny in the morning, you are constantly hungry and just want to eat and sleep, and the fact that you have GI distress are indications that you are overtraining in the worst kind of way. Maybe that overtraining is necessary to compete at the world-class level. But is it worth it?

    Also, not trying to be harsh, but to me, she looks quite a bit older than she is. If Wikipedia is accurate, she is only 31. If I guessed just from her appearance, I would guess mid-40s.

    I think she needs to read about Mark's experience with (and liberation from) chronic cardio.
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