Hello Everyone!!!

Ok just to give you the starting details. Once upon a time I weighed in at 265+ lbs. (I quit weighing after that) I started on Atkin's in January and by June I had hit 165+. I did well for about a year and had to have my final ovary removed (hello surgical menopause) and found out I had multi-nodular goiter. Life got crazy after that and will all my other stressors (family and BF) life got in the way. I have been fighting my weight and losing the battle.

Atkins was not working for me this second time around and I was actually trying to cheat using the shakes as my main source of food intake. I realized I had to clean things up. I had been diagnosed with some food sensativities and needed to listen to them and my body.

Food sensitivities: Eggs, Dairy, Wheat, Cheeses (talk about an excellent candidate for PB)

I had purchased the Primal Blueprint Books last summer and wanted to follow but my heart was not fully invested yet. I realized after getting back here and doing some reading that this is really where I need to be. I made the plunge bought the recipe plan and have most if not all of the books and am moving forward with this.

Additionally I won a FitBit from work and am acting as the wellness person for my office and thought I need to take advantage of everything that is coming my way.

Stats so far:


241 (water weight, but cool)



Biggest problem right now is my job. I literally sit on my rear end all day. (Ok I can fix my computer so I can stand). Current solution is to stand periodically, walk on my break and lunch (desperately trying to get my 10,000 steps per day).

I will post more as I go, I plan to include a food diary which I am doing as well on my app on my phone. MyfitnessPal. I'm geekymom32 if you want to find me there!