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Thread: Hashimoto's, palpitations & dodgy digestion!

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    Hashimoto's, palpitations & dodgy digestion!


    I'm Sophie. My family & I (husband, four & two year olds) have been Primal for about 18 months after following WAPF for our daughter's teeth. I'm hoping somebody here might recognise themself in my description & help show me the right path.

    Disclaimer: this starts with heart problems. I know it's going to be tempting to tell me to go to the doctor & I promise I am. But in the UK it helps to go to your over-worked GP armed with some answers - they get eight minutes per patient & are general, not specialist in their knowledge.

    Ok June 2011 I had open heart surgery for a number of congenital defects. All went swimmingly. A few heart monitors later, a 24hour one showed frequent & very frequent ventricular & supra ventricular ectopic beats. 75% of the population have ectopics, they're generally harmless but can be very dangerous in those with heart disease. It has been suggested that I go on low dose Beta blockers.

    I would much prefer to find out what is causing this than just treat the symptom in isolation. I'll take the meds if it's unavoidably necessary.

    A number of digestion problems that have plagued me since early-20s still hang around. I am beginning to feel, through research, that these and the palpitations are related - that the palps are the result of gut issues, rather than cardiovascular in origin. The palps always occur after consuming food. (NB. I don't normally eat processed carbs, but it was an N1 thing!)

    This is getting long, so thank you if you've read this far! I didn't want to list my symptoms in isolation, without some background. So, here's where I'm hoping someone might recognise the symptoms:

    Palpitations after eating - very bad with bad/processed carbs, noticeable with dairy & caffeine, very mild 'cold, fluttery' feeling with Primal foods
    Cramps, gas & loose, urgent stools immediately after heavy dairy & sometimes caffeine
    Brain fog, bad memory, lack of concentration - textbook for Inattentive ADD
    Huge lack of energy/fatigue
    Itchy, over-productive scalp - infinitely worse if I eat sugary stuff
    Muscular & skeletal weakness - I'm very prone to back problems, 'crunchy' knees, & what was being diagnosed as pleurisy but is actually problems caused by instability in my ribs, etc
    Dreadful immunity - I get everything going, for weeks
    Sinusitis, including sinus headaches
    Depression - ranging from mild to major, including postnatal
    Migraine - with aura, headache lasts two days minimum
    Abnormal stools - no blood, but rarely 'normal', seems to swing from one end of the spectrum to the other
    Very low blood pressure - leads to dizziness, about 100/50 usually
    Flare-ups about every six to twelve months - I cannot keep any food in my body for about four weeks when this happens; immediately after finishing a meal I have to rush to the toilet & can't leave until everything is out of my system, along with dreadful cramps - once I'm empty, the cramp vanishes.

    Ha! I sound pathetic The kicker is, I'm overweight, despite this. The weight does come off when I stick strictly to Primal, but that's complicated by disordered/emotional eating issues.

    I am getting desperate now - I thought I had a handle on all this, the Primal helped enormously, but that letter about the Beta blockers...the heart surgery brought home the fact that I am actually mortal & this stupid broken heart could take me away from my babies. I'm just plain scared, but I don't want to get stuck on meds & forgotten about until the next problem. I want to fix it!

    Suggestions from friends & research seem to be leading me towards: Hashimoto's, leaky gut, hypothyroidism, Specific Carbohydrate Diet & magnesium/potassium deficiency.

    Please, please, does any of this (some symptoms may be irrelevant) sound familiar to anyone? Any thoughts would be gratefully considered....

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