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Thread: "Real Food"

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia1973 View Post
    If your goal is to eliminate processed foods, I don't really think you can possibly do anything to make Kraft Macaroni and Cheese fit that mold.
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    I am in the minority that I can't stand boxed mac and cheese. I always had such a hard time eating it at friend's houses....i think I mostly hated the clumpy texture My mom made it with a blend of whatever cheese/pasta was available, butter, milk, and fried onions ...delicious. That, along with grilled cheese and Campbell's tomato soup, is what I lived on as a kid.

    It seems laughable to change cheese food flakes to be more natural- but since so many kids just live of it (as our stories can attest!) a little bit better is something, right?

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    Why not just not buy the Kraft product and instead purchase the Annie's that is the same thing, minus carcinogens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EagleRiverDee View Post
    Well you guys might drum me right out of here, but Kraft Mac and Cheese is one of my cheat weaknesses. I love the stuff. I ate it as a kid and it's an ingrained comfort food for me. I *know* it's not primal in any sense of the word. But once every couple of months...I just gotta. LOL. That said, I didn't know that it had food dyes in it that were known carcinogens. Stupid me to assume that the FDA wouldn't allow a *known* carcinogen to be present in our food, especially one that is a CW staple for many children.
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    My dad jumped on the low fat bandwagon when it started and all our mac and cheese was made simply by boiling the noodles, draining and stirring in the powder before the noodles got dry. No butter or milk.

    I ate a mac and cheese of my own invention almost every night while hiking the Pacific Crest: noodles, Knorr alfredo sauce powder and real Swiss gruyere cheese chunk in a 1 liter little cook pot with minimal water.

    Kraft can do whatever the hell it wants to. For over a year I haven't needed any "food" products from Kraft. They're irrelevant. I really do not miss mac and cheese.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoanieL View Post
    Another just danged good luck thing for me. My mom made the best mac and cheese. The roux, milk, and cheese. Boil pasta. Mix together. Top with a little more cheddar, some butter, some breadcrumbs and bake. (I said good, not primal.) The first time I had the stuff at the school cafeteria, I dumped it. The first time I tasted Kraft, I was like, wtf?
    My mommy, too. Mac and cheese was a real treat at my house growing up - Mom made it the real slow way, from scratch, and it sounds like the exact same recipe, bread crumbs on top and all. And I had the exact same reaction to box m&c, too.
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