So here's my target intake, and I'm wondering if it's accurate.
I'm 6'1, I weight about 180
I'm pretty unhealthy, (due to illness) and plenty of that is body fat.
I'm doing light physical therapy, I walk about 2 hours a day (Minimum, i rest for a couple days after 3 or 4 days of walking.)
Note: I want to be athletic, getting into weight training and running, martial arts and sports again.

This is what I'm aiming for as an average intake.

Protein: 200g
Carbs: 150g
Fats: ?

Can anyone tell me if I can up the protein? (I'm recovering from pretty severe muscle weakness.)
Also, should I up the carbs if I'm walking so damn much, with occasional sprints? (I eventually want to do more.)

What about fats? Should I be concerned at all with how many fats I'm getting?

And, what is the minimal calories I should be taking in? (Is there really a maximum?)

Thanks in advance.