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Thread: Optimal Carbs

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    You've dont the most important thing, namely, gotten rid of processed foods.

    How many carbs should I eat each day? | Mark's Daily Apple

    I have found Mark's carb curv to be right on the money. Yes, we are all unique individuals but its a good guide, and maybe a better one than what your body is telling you if you are unhealthy. So, 150g of carbs is on the high side for your current activity level. You may do better around 50 until you add significant intense excersise (sprinting, heavy lifting) into your routine which burns a significant amount of glycogen. But, as mentioned, drop your carbs gradually and replace with clean saturated fat, especially coconut oil. Give your body a few weeks to become fat adapted or a sudden drop in carbohydrate could produce a nasty bout of low carb flu.

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    Nobody NEEDS carbs. people can live happily for years on 20 gm/day. Carbs are a completely optional energy source. Except at anaerobic levels of exertion muscles prefer fat. Brain can switch from glucose to ketones and be just fine. It does take a couple of weeks to switch your metabolism though.

    The gatorade industry tells us we need carbs but there are folks running marathons with no carbs. Your activity level seems way below anaerobic to me.

    So read the above stuff (book is available on Kindle, eatingacademy is free). See if it might work for you. It's totally individual.

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