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Thread: Muscle Rehabilitation

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    Muscle Rehabilitation

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    So I've been eating Primal for about 6 months, and I live an unfortunately inactive lifestyle.

    I am shrinking and not trying to.

    My joints hurt, and I'm pretty sure I don't get enough protein and I'm a boney little guy, who eats a lot of fatty snack foods (nuts, dark chocolate, and veggies. Eggs and ground beef for protein, but usually not enough): 5' 10", 24 yrs old, 160-65 lbs.

    How should I plan to fix this problem:

    General muscular atrophy due to under-stimulation and lack of required nutrient content (protein).

    (Eat more animals and exercise, duh.)

    Anyone have any suggestions for Muscle Rehabilitation/starting a routine? I'm worried I'll injure myself just jumping into a routine.

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    I'm in a similar state to you. I do basic and light physical therapy. I go for long walks, I try to stand as much as possible. And I highly recommend you practice good posture 24/7. Honestly we are in the same boat (I might be worse off.)
    I would say stay away from the weights. Just do basic body strength exercises, light but frequent, to build up a foundation so that you dont wreck your joints. Pay attention to inflammatory foods, and try to aim for a anti-inflammatory diet.

    Finally, if you have a hard time eating protein, go by some whey protein! Guzzle it!

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    Mark's Primal Blueprint Fitness e-book is an excellent place to start.

    The three principles (in my words):
    1. Walk a lot. (3-5 hours per week)
    2. Lift heavy things (and he goes into a basic bodyweight plan)
    3. Sprint occasionally. (Once a week is good, once every two weeks could even be okay for you, but sprinting is the last thing you should add.)

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    To the OP, start with light walking, preferably in a natural setting. Try to find any state parks near where you live, and walk up and down the paths - if there's an incline, even better.

    Besides that, work on posture by standing as much as possible.

    You could also look into low-impact activities like Tai Chai and Yoga - both would be beneficial in your case.

    Nutrition wise, you know what to do. Just try to slowly implement eating more - I'd recommend whole milk (raw if you can find it) and/or coconut milk smoothies. Liquid calories are easy to down in mass amounts.
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