I managed to tear my rotator cuff although I'm not even sure how. It was a mild twinge and then I started a new much more active job. Then it started really hurting. The new job is now history because I cannot perform most of the tasks required. I went to the doc who said I tore the rotator cuff and added tendonitis to it working on it injured. I will be doing physical therapy for the next six weeks. I am 43, female, type II diabetic-it's improving with primal but slowly, and hashimoto's. What kinds of things can I do to reduce pain levels and promote healing? I'm figuring one answer will be bone broth or gelatin. I already take 4000 units of vitamin D because I live in NW Washington to keep out of deficiency. Doctors orders are no lifting over 30 lbs and no raising my arm above shoulder level. Thanks in advance for your answers.