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Thread: Bad knees?

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    Bad knees?

    Hey all. Been lurking here for a few years but don't post much. However, since I have finally started to incorporate the PBF into my routine, I have an issue (well, other than sucking at exercise! HA).

    When trying to squat, I can't go below approx 45* or so due to knee pain. It feels like there are hot ice picks digging underneath my kneecaps when trying to come back to upright. I am sure it is from a combination of many years in the Army with heavy rucksacks, combined with years of way too much running (sometimes in combat boots) followed by the past 15 years of being WAY too heavy.

    All that to ask if there is anything I can do to mitigate the pain? Think it'll get better if I just keep at it and go slow? Or should I hold off the squats until I lose some more weight?

    If it helps, I am 47 yo male, 6' and 263 lbs (down from 300) and have been "semi-primal" for a couple years but was drinking heavily during that time and have only stopped the booze and gotten serious about it since January this year.

    Thanks for reading and any suggestions you care to throw out.

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