Hi everyone,

I spend many hours working at a desk. I have transitioned to a standing desk for most of the day but I wish I could incorporate some kind of exercise. I know that Mark suggests lots of long walks. Although I walk as much as I can, many times its not possible. Its cold where I live and I am also lugging around an 2.5 year old who really doesn't take to long walks in bad weather.

My ideal would be an under desk tread mill, but I can't find a manual machine that doesn't have large handles. I see a small elliptical advertised on Amazon that i could easily use while working at my desk. This would not be in place of other exercise, but in place of the long walks I am not able to take right now.

My question is, would this help or is it totally useless. Am I better off just standing at my desk?

Also, if anyone knows of a under desk manual tread mill without handles, I would love to find it!