Hey everyone, I better introduce my-self... My name is Sarah and I am 22 years old =) I think that when I post my primal success story it's going to be the best one ever, because I have def. had my fair share of troubles when it comes to food/weight/health. I began my paleo journey about a year ago and feel like I am only beginning to break the ice on figuring this stuff out for me.

I have been toying with the possibilities of IF over the past few days as I think it might suit me and my lifestyle.

First off, i'll just give a quick/long background on my-self.

I have type one diabetes, I have celiac disease and I also have binge eating disorder... Since I was a young child I have never been a bird-like eater or a picky eater. I was always the one to finish everything on their plate, as a teen I was always struggling to not eat the last of the food on the plate (I think this is mainly because I restricted my food at other times during the day, so when meal time came around it would be a chore for me not to eat it all plus desert). During my teens I maintained a healthy weight 130 pounds at 5'4. As my frame is def at the upper end of medium size this was a pretty healthy weight for me.

Skip to my late teens (17ish) I developed an eating disorder and dropped to my lowest and ever since this time I have suffered from a series of eating disorders... over-exercising was first, slowly bulimia phased it, then as my body could no longer exercise so much I ended up back at about 130 lbs where I started.... but this didn't last long as I discovered if I skipped my insulin I could eat all I wanted (actually the sweeter the better for weight loss) and lose tonnes of weight. I dropped back down over 4 months with exercise aswell (I was binging alot!!!). Then I began binging so much that even skipping my insulin was not enough to keep the weight off... at this time I though I really needed to start giving my insulin again as skipping it was just giving me a reason to binge (and was also life threatning... ). I decided to really focus on getting control of my type 1 diabetes just over a year ago from now and went on to an insulin pump and discovered paleo/primal eating which really changed my life and helped alot.

But my binging has still stuck with me. I have gained almost 30lbs in the past year, bringing my weight to 170lbs at 5'4. This is not a huge price to pay for the great health I now have back from the control of my diabetes, but it's alot of extra weight to lug around and I am beginning to suffer foot pain, breast pain and I am started to get stretch marks. I should also say that I try very hard not to purge now as I know it only continues the horrible cycle.

I also forgot to mention my night time eating... this seems to have gone away on its own over the past few months (since trying out whole30 eating..) but I used to get up without a doubt EVERY night and eat at around 2am since I was about 15. I got my partents to lock doors so I wouldn't do it, even had a lock put on the fridge etc and generally I would always find a way to food..... I think this was related to my diabetes (low blood sugars at 2am) and then became a habit and I would eat anything even Tuna so I think I may have been generally hungry at least sometime, I followed some guidelines on MDA actually and they really helped me, but weirdly this issue seems to have gone away on its own in the past month or so.....

I am quite sensible and after all my experience with ED's I know that restricting leads to binging and diets are not the answer. But I have also found like many people, that cutting out cakes/sweets etc has left me feeling alot better and even when I binge now it is never on cakes etc. It is generally on paleo foods. What I want is to be able to focus on a diet that will stop my binging and I am wondering if IF could help with this. I have read some very conflicting views on this site and others, some say it ended my binging, some say it started it all over again and worse.... when I read these I kept thinking that if it made your binging worse you must have still been restricting....

If I am to try IF I plan to start with a 12/14 hour fast (say 4/6pm-6am) and I plan to eat 2 meals a day (but more if i am hungry). I would make these meals relatively large and would include a decent amount of carbs into my afternoon meal as I have found it improves my sleep alot.

I am not going to do any intense cardio, but I do plan to continue lifting weights 2X per week and Yoga 1-2 times per week, and also I walk to university a couple times a week (60mins total each time). I am not going to worry about sprints right now.

My biggest problem with eating is that once I start I find it hard to stop, I have always been a fast eater, I have always been a breakfast eater (hence making the fasting time in the evening, not the morning). And I feel quite comfortable eating big meals less often, thats why I thought 2 big meals would be good.. (I always feel hungry if I am eating smaller meals). Yet even when eating 3 medium size meals a day, I often easily go from 6am-3/4pm naturally without wanting lunch.

I just want this binging to stop!! And I know it's going to be hard work and it means trying out so many different things, but I no for sure I am on to something with paleo. I want to lose weight as-well, but I am really prepared to do it very slowly. I don't want to lose it in any way that is going to cause me to binge later on and gain it back plus more.

PS futher info... I have been to therapy for this which was good at the time as it helped me with other issues but not so much with my eating disorder, I have also informed my diabetes specialist and dietician about the night-eating (of which they were very un-helpful about), I am aware that binging is not just to do with diet and hormones etc and I know that I seem to also do it out of stress/boredom sometimes.... BUT my 3 main triggers in the last year have been:

1. Blood sugars going too low or too high.
2. Night-eating and then feeling really crappy the next day so continuing to eat crappy.
3. I am actually really hungry and end up overeating... not really binging

I know this is probably the longest post ever, but what I am asking is for advice on my plan for IF.... also other peoples experiences with IF..... anyone else who has has success with primal and type1 diabetes, primal and binge eating, IF and binge eating.... I just want to hear your stories because I think advice from people who have been through this stuff is going to be much more useful to me than standard advice I get from a doctor. Thanks in advance!