So I've been doing pretty well. I started a Paleo lifestyle (eating to start) ~1.5 years ago. At that time I was 51 >240lbs. and was running a blood pressure reading of ~148/90 ... and I would even see spikes of 165/95.
Since then (now 53) I'm 187lbs (goal of 175), started a more aggressive paleo exercise program, e.g., more lifting and sprinting while tapering long, low level cardio and I'm feeling much better about life.
However, I just came out of a checkup to find my blood pressure to still be in the 145/90 range and the doctor is considering putting me back on hbp meds (lisinopril) which I was hoping to avoid once I dropped the weight.

On asking about what I may do instead to remedy this condition he gave the patented popular answer:
1) Eat lots of whole grains and vegetables,
2) Eat lower-fat food products (including milk products),
3) Avoid salt, alcohol, red meat, saturated fats.

After explaining that most of what he recommended was the primary cause of me becoming obese, he still held the fact that I had hbp despite my physical improvements.

I can see cutting out salt and alcohol (which I've cut way back on anyway), but the rest of the items I'm just not comfortable with. I guess I will need to rely on the medication but this doesn't sit well with me either.

There's no history of this condition in my family, in fact low BP has been more of a problem, so I'm not sure which way to go on this.

thanks for listening,