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    B/P: Cuff goes on your arm over bare skin. Sit and relax: tv, book, somesuch---for 15 minutes. The arm with the b/p cuff should rest on the table. Take it then. Most MD's take your pressure when you are running around and anxious.

    No caffeine, lots of veggies, supplement mag and potassium.

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    Magnesium and potassium fixed my BP. It was 155/90-ish and now it's almost always around 130/65-ish. Didn't really change anything else. Even though I still regularly eat salty food like bacon and sauerkraut, the balance is there.

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    Someone has probably already suggested this, but yoga and deep breathing have been known to help BP, in addition to the primal diet. Getting outside more, spending time in nature, getting your feet in the dirt, and cutting as much stress as possible should help.

    (I had high BP and now it's so "super-normal" my husband occasionally asks me if I'm alive! Usually below 120/60-ish. )

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