I was tested for Osteroporosis recently and the results were not good. This is after taking a boat load of calcuim over 4 years. So one day while looking around the store I was advised to take silica which is touted as being good for hair, bones, nails and skin. I'm still loosing hair, but only 5-6 a day. Thought I'd try it.

Unfortunately I misread the directions. Instead of 3 drops I took 10 drops for about 10 days. I noticed after 4 days that I was feeling sort of punky about 1 hour after breakfast (which is when I took the drops). But it was a very slight feeling, like an extremely like 'carb flu', so light I didn't really think about it. During the next week I noticed that my big toe, left foot, was moving to the left because of a bone growth on the right side of the foot just below the big toe joint. As this continued I though I might see a doctor. But today I realized what was happening because my after breakfast reaction finally was big enough to really get my attention and serious thought. My body is saying Stop That.

1. Silica (in small does) probably does help bone growth. In big doses if causes problems.
2. Think and correlate more what you are doing.
3. And always, listen, listen, listen to your body.

So I'll quit the silica for a few weeks to allow recouperation, then try again in very small doses.