Hi All,

I went primal for about 3 weeks. I found that I had better energy, didn't wake up as tired anymore and I liked what I was eating. I really didn't miss the carbs and I lowered them to about 50/day. Then...I got tired of it. Maybe it was because I was literally eating the same thing over and over and over again. Maybe it was because when my boyfriend would take me out to dinner, I'd sit there over-analyzing the menu and wondering "Can I have that?" and it just got frustrating. It started when I had an organic chemistry exam, and I came home SUPER hungry and late at night (my exams are in the evenings). I was out of eggs. I was out of greens to make myself a smoothie. I wasn't in the mood for a banana unless I had almonds (which I didn't have) because eating the fruit without protein makes my blood sugar go up. Honestly, I was at a point where I would just eat anything - so, I grabbed a granola bar. At first, I was relieved, then I was depressed. So the next day, I vowed I wouldn't do that again..but I did. And now I've strayed for about a week and a half from the primal way of life.

I'm going to Whole Foods in a little while, and need to stock up.
Any pointers on avoiding redundancy in meals? It's tough being a student and working a full time job, and preparation (I know) is key. I just need anything easy, and maybe just some words of encouragement. I'm pretty bummed that I lost about 8 pounds during that three weeks, and now I'm scared to weigh myself.