Hi All!,

I just had a doctor appointment for my 5 year work checkup. Overall it all went very well. He asked what meds I was taking and I was pleased to tell him I no longer took meds for diabetes, and high cholesterol, and I'm in the process of getting off the high blood pressure med, which has since been achieved with my family doctor's blessing.

Of course he checked all those vitals and agreed. Now one thing he did bring up was, did I take 81mg. ASA daily as a preventative. I answered no. He said you should. He went on to say all the studies show that if you're taking it daily you almost certainly won't have a heart attack.

Now I've been Primal long enough to know that a lot of CW studies are flawed(imagine that!). I'm wondering about this one though. On the surface it seems the thing to do, unless Mark has reasons why we shouldn't. (I searched for this topic but didn't find anything definitive.) I've heard about the internal bleeding thing and wondered how prevalent that is and how I might know whether it's occuring with me.