Here's what's going on:

Over the past few months I gradually started IF. I was just not hungry in the mornings. I'd workout on my lunch break, so first meal of the day would come after that (1-2pm). 2nd meal of the day around 7pm. Was simple plan for me to follow, I wasn't hungry, i felt great, and I could stay at 1500 calories no problem (I do need to watch calories or I stay where I'm at).

Change of routine:

This week I added swimming or biking for 45 mins at 5:30am. Plan is to add slow/steady movement workout in mornings, and lunch break lift weights and sprint like I was doing before. The only thing I have prior to morning workout is some black coffee. Water afterwards. All week at 8am I am starving!!

Will this hunger fade over time as my body gets used to the new routine, as it did when I fell into IF with change of diet - so I can continue with the longer IF? Or is that more damaging and I should be eating some protein after a workout? What about doing both workouts fasted (5 hours in between)? Bad idea, or perfectly fine?

-I am looking to lose weight/fat (~50 lbs) with a goal of having more defined muscle some day (health is great).

I'm sure I will get lots of opinions on the matter, but curious to see what others do.