I have been sleeping grounded via stake in the ground for about a year now and I continue to experience remarkable results. My results include faster muscle recovery, restful sleep, reduced nerve pain and inflammation, lucid dreams, and better dream recall. I seem to be able to fall asleep much easier and wake up easier around dawn. It seems that the rise of the sun seems to some how affect the ground I am plugged into and gently wake me from my slumber. It seems to almost make it harder to fall back asleep after the sun is up as I am guessing the sun has slightly increased the frequency of the Schumann resonance that I am directly plugged into.

With how much earthing has helped me I am very passionate about our inherent connection with Earth and I have been on a mission to help spread this knowledge with others who are receptive to the idea. For this reason I made a video called "How to make your own earthing sheet." I posted this video on YouTube to help others who are interested in the concept but cant afford to buy earthing sheets, or would like to test the idea before they do. In the video I use all locally available good and warn not to experiment with this if you dont not understand electrical. I hope you find it useful as I share many things that I have leaned along my journey.