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    I've been sick for just over a week; no fever, but started with a painful chest cough, now it's trickled to nasal congestion with a just plain annoying cough on top of it.

    I've basically been living off of herbal tea. When things were really bad, I made a batch of my least favorite thing ever, but it is the best cure-all: boil water with a cut-up ginger root and some lemon peel in it. Makes very potent tea that helps with any throat/nasal issues. I add a tiny bit of honey and a lot of fresh-squeezed lemon juice to each cup of the stuff.
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    Vegetables, vegetables, and more vegetables. Anytime I'm in a germy environment like an airport and feel a cold coming on, I eat massive amounts of vegetables. Cold decides it can't mess with me and goes away.

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    Perfect timing for this post! Got a bad cold and lots of aches & a sore throat...and just drank some cough syrup with HFCS. Didn't even occur to me to check...well, will start fresh tomorrow.

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    If you're experiencing nausea I'd go with clear liquids like broth, and the parts of the BRAT diet that are Primal friendly, so basically bananas and unsweetened applesauce.

    If you just have no appetite that's pretty normal for when you have a cold or flu. I'd eat the fruit if you want it. Eat any vegetables that you think you can handle, but don't worry too much about how many servings you're getting. For protein, it may sound boring but plain roast chicken breasts are fairly easy on you when you need mild foods, and don't forget soup! Obvously not mainstream canned varieties but homemade soup can be Primal and very comforting.

    Feel better soon!
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    Annie, if nothing appeals to you, your body is probably telling you to fast.
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