A couple of days ago, my left breast became very painful. I thought it was a cyst at first, but then got body aches and fever that night. So I figured it's mastitis. I expressed the milk, had dd nurse constantly, but still painful. Had the worst headache last night (I'm not prone to headaches). Fever is on and off. Had it last night before bed, and it broke during the night. .

I researched on alternatives to antibiotics, and took raw garlic throughout the evening. I feel better today, but still run down and tired. Breast still tender, but much better than yesterday.

My dd is 20 months old and her nursing pattern hasn't changed (she nurses a lot still), so I don't know what brought this on. It's my first time with mastitis.

I'm not so keen on antibiotics, so wondering if I can handle this without them? I don't want to see a doctor unless I have to... everyone is on my case about nursing a toddler enough as it is. And doctors here prescribe antibiotics for everything, so I have no way of telling whether or not it's really necessary.