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Thread: Storing fat WITHOUT insulin - ASP

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    Storing fat WITHOUT insulin - ASP

    ASP (acylation stimulating protein)

    How much influence does ASP have? Is it a master, 2nd, or 3rd order hormone?

    The jury is still out but nonetheless ASP throws a wrench into the issue of how one could stall on their weight-loss while low-carb but eating... TOO much fat.

    The ASP mechanism seems to indicate that a high-fat diet will eventually hit an equilibrium point, where on average stored fat remains constant.

    Personally, I think cutting carbs/insulin gets you 80% of the results. The other stuff like this can lumped in to the other 20% (exercise, stress, nutrient deficiencies, sleep, calories, etc.).

    Think about this: if you couldn't store fat while eating fat (even in caloric excess), you would become fatally dead at 0% body fat.


    Nonetheless, its something interesting to think about and research.

    What If Low Carb Is Wrong? Does ASP Prove That Insulin Doesn

    Storing Fat while in Ketosis |
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