Hello all,

For the last few years, I've stopped being able to digest diary products, cheese, etc. Eating them always ended with me curled into a ball with stomach pain. I eventually decided that I was lactose intolerant and stopped eating all diary. I still had stomach and energy-level issues, but to a lesser extent.

In the last year, I've been embracing paleo/primal. When I eat clean, my stomach issues all but disappear and my energy is much more stable. However, even with these benefits I still fall off the wagon and too frequently have my "faileo" days.

Well, today I had an eye-opening experience. I bought some 100% casein protein powder as a workout/meal supplement (I know, I know). I've only ever had whey before. I researched and saw that casein protein powder doesn't contain lactose so I thought I was safe.

On Sunday, I had a protein shake for breakfast. Later that day I started experiencing some tightness/pain in my chest. I thought I had strained something in my chest during my (first ever) Krav Maga class on Saturday.

Today, I had another protein shake. Shortly after, my stomach started hurting terribly, I got a headache, my chest became tight. Over the next hour, the tightness in my chest became much worse and spread to my throat. A rash appeared across my chest. I ran to CVS and took two benadryl. I'm writing this while I wait for it to kick in (and for my friend to get here to be with me just in case it gets worse).

So, apparently what I thought was lactose intolerance was really casein intolerance. Since it seems that casein is in a lot of processed foods, this also explains why I feel so much better on a whole foods/paleo diet.

... I'm primarily writing this to impress upon myself how horrible I feel right now, because maybe writing it out will finally help me make a permanent change to my diet to eliminate the processed crap that contains this stuff that my body obviously and vehemently rejects. That being said, anyone has any specific info/resources on casein and casein intolerance, that would be appreciated.

TLDR: I'm allergic to casein. It makes me feel like crap. Semi-loopy on benadryl, I've decided to state my re-commitment to paleo.