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Thread: Primal Journal (leukothea)

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    Primal Journal (leukothea)

    Greetings from a brand-new cavewoman -- maybe I could be called a neophyte troglodyte? Today is my Day 1.

    Up at 6 AM
    Worked out on an empty stomach: rowing, barbell squats, pushups & pullups on TRX cables, and some interval training on the treadmill
    Bused to work marveling at why I did not feel hungry yet

    B: Once there, dove into a huge bowl of full-fat all-natural yogurt ("billions of active cultures!") with fresh strawberries on top, and two cups of plain but excellent coffee

    S: Roasted salted pistachios

    Brisk walk up and down the stairwell of my building: up 4 flights and then all the way back down to the lobby

    L: Persian butternut squash braise with onions, prunes and walnuts (I made a ton of this last night. Recipe from the cookbook Silk Road Cooking by Najmieh Batmanglij.

    S: Leftover corn on the cob with butter. More fresh strawberries. Hot tea.

    D: I plan to make myself a variant of beef stroganoff using ground beef, since I don't have steak at home right now. I do have sour cream and mushrooms, so... ;-)

    I have three main reasons for going primal.

    1) I see the untold agonies that my father has been suffering due to years of a stereotypical American diet, including a severe addiction to Coca-Cola -- it was his only drink for many years. He would sometimes buy a huge box of animal crackers at the 99 cent store, then eat out of it for a week.

    I've watched him get Type II diabetes and struggle with chronic inflammation of every part of his body. He has high blood pressure, joint pains, congestive heart failure, leaky gut syndrome, and so much more. He's on at least a dozen prescription medications, and is constantly seeing different specialists. Every doctor he sees just prescribes more drugs.

    And he's only 66! By rights, he should have at least 10 or 20 more good years. It makes me angry when I think about what the food and medical industry has done to him. I don't want to be a "good little consumer" and have my life turn out the same way.

    2) I've been lifting weights for about 2 years (deadlift record 230#). Although my regimen has slipped since I stopped paying for personal training, I find that that lifting lots of heavy things made my body crave meat and full-fat dairy. I've been eating more according to Weston-Price / traditional kitchen ideas -- bone broth, fermented vegetables, not feeling guilty about eating the chicken skin. Making that last step to cut out grains and sugars will be a smaller step for me than it would be for many people.

    3) We cat-sat a kitty who was being fed an all-protein diet. Wow, what a beautiful animal! She was sleek, lean, and obviously functioning at the peak of feline perfection. I looked at that cat and thought, "cutting out carbs had a REAL effect on that kitty." Granted, I'm not a cat.... I get to eat vegetables and fruits as well as meat. ;-) So, Waffles the cat, know that you're an inspiration to me, despite your name! ;-)

    To balance out my three reasons for doing it, here are two potential challenges for my path.

    * I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE to cook and bake, and my KitchenAid stand mixer has pride of place in my kitchen. I love experimenting in the kitchen -- sable cookies from France, caramel flans, fruit tarts, cakes, pies, rolls, cookies, and all the rest of it. So never making scones again is a little bit depressing... I have so much knowledge and repertoire and history with baked goods; how can I give that up? But, I'm planning to put that creative energy to good use coming up with new twists on old favorites.

    * I have two small children and a husband who all love their carbs. They have been reluctant to try my weird food (Persian braises? gluten-free rolls? homemade sauerkraut??). I'm the only cook in our household and both my husband and I are happy about that, so I can anticipate that I will still prepare pancakes, waffles, and cookies on demand... I just won't be eating them myself. ;-)

    I'm so happy to have found this community -- via a friend of a friend on Facebook. Funny how sometimes you don't know where your tribe will be... only that it's out there somewhere!
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