Hi all, this is my first post but I've been a lurker for a bit. I read the primal blueprint around six months ago, followed it for a couple months, stopped and restarted a couple months ago. I am following diet only, though I do have an active job as a server/bartender and walk my dogs daily for an hour. I am 24 and a female :-) before this I ate pasta daily, and felt like crap. Anyway I just got a blood test done and these are the results!

8hr fasting glucose test- 84mg/dl
Cholesterol total- 142mg/dl
Triglycerides- 32mg/dl
HDL cholesterol- 41mg/dl
LDL cholesterol- 94mg/dl

Also my blood pressure is 101/64. Any input on the numbers would be great- I don't have a family dr and the walk in clinic was plastered with a giant food pyramid on the wall so I never booked an appointment to go over values!

Thanks :-)