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Thread: Flexibility exercises?

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    In convict conditioning book2 there are 3 stretching exercises I like to do. Takes only 4 x 20 seconds, it is called the trifecta and supposed to help with injuries as well

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    Thank you so much, everyone! I truly appreciate your responses.

    I did a few simple stretches last night before bed and was horrified by how stiff I really am now. I had a bout of frozen shoulder (both shoulders) two years ago and am still gimped up from that. I'm sure it was a precursor to whatever I've got going now.

    Onwards I'd be helpful if we had a rewind button and got some "re-dos" but as we don't...just get started TODAY right?

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    I have had non-specifc joint pain and muscle pain with a great deal of stiffness and inflammation, I was always trying to stretch because of the tightness. After a transition to Primal (gradually, before even knowing about it), I only stretch lightly because it feels so unnecessary. Abstaining from gluten, nightshades, and corn took all the inflammation out of my joints and muscles. I'm nearly 50 and feel better than I have in 19 years.
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