Here's the classic help-me-get-stronger thread. I will start with a little background information:

- I weigh 175 pounds at 6'2.5"
- I have been doing the classic starting strength lifting regimen, my current numbers are:
Squat: 3x5x210
Bench: 3x5x210 - my chest has always been as strong/stronger than my legs, which I find ridiculous.
Deadlift: 1x5x225 - I know I can manage more, but I decided to drop the weight and really work on my form.
Press: 3x5x130
Cleans: 5x3x145 - same deal for deadlifts. Working on form.
- supplement with weighted push-ups and chin-ups (5x5)
- sprint session on Fridays along the lines of 10x100m sprints with 60s rest.
- I consume 4,000-4,500 kcals on training days (M,W,F), and between 3,000-3,500 on rest days. Macro breakdown is approximately 65% fat, 20%protein, 15% carbs.

So here's my story...I played football in high school and averaged around 190 pounds throughout all four seasons. I could bench-press 290lbs but only squat 300lbs. My legs have always been weak (possibly be due to an ACL reconstruction in which a portion of my left hamstring was used to replace the blown ligament). Anyway, I gave up football after high school and picked up competitive running for a little over two years. I would average between 50-70 miles per week. In this time period I lost virtually all strength I had.

After becoming fed up with all the stupid injuries running caused me, I decided to attempt to return to my former stronger figure, and picked up weightlifting again about 5 months ago. However, it wasn't until the last two months that I picked up on starting strength. Which brings me to my current issues...

The biggest issue for me right now is weight gain. I am struggling big time with this. One-hundred-eighty-five pounds is where I would like to be, but it's been a bear to get past 175. It seems as though every time I get to this point I take a step back and lose a couple pounds. I wouldn't be so concerned about this but it brings me to my next issue: I am stalling on squats, bench, and the press, and feel that I am not building the extra muscle required to move up in these exercises. Am I not being patient enough? It wasn't until recently that I began consciously counting my calories. So perhaps this was the issue to begin with. Another important aspect is that I never have a spotter, so I am slightly nervous about going for the last couple of reps on squat/bench.

What do you guys think? Is there another routine that could help me out? I've been on this for about two months now and feel that something else might get me over that hump, but I'd like to see what has worked for other people that have found themselves in a situation like mine.