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Hi, all. I'm 21 and work full-time. I don't have much time to exercise or much money to join a gym. It's currently cold here in NYC, so outdoor sports are limited. How can I get in shape? I really want flat abs instead of this pouchy skin at the base of my belly. How can I change this?

Also, any advice on my diet? I eat chicken and carrots every day, which is good. I also incorporate fruits like tangerines and apples and mandarins. But I live on Larabars (sometimes 3 a day) and Starbucks bottled Frappuccinos (2 per day). I need the coffee to stay awake, and I have a major sweet tooth.

Can anyone provide any advice and/or direction?

1. Eat real food. Mostly fat, meat and veggies. Cut the packaged & bottled crap. Do a 21 Day Sugar Detox (google it) or a Whole 30 (google that too) to break the sweet tooth.

2. You gave 3 excuses for not exercising. Stop that. Exercise or don't. Just stop with the excuses.

3. READ THE BOOK. This isn't a crash diet.