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Thread: Road Food

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    bullet proof coffee makes me hungry too. you can make home made lara bars. there are recipes all over the place. even something like some raw fruit cake truffle balls. as you can just pop one in your mouth when you stop and gas up. i can post you a recipe if you like. they will be more energy dense than a hard boiled egg. is it going to be hot or cold when you are riding? as in will food melt if you put it in a bag in your pocket or pack?

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    The primal energy bar recipe here on MDA is great.

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    85% chocolate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karock View Post
    If you were planning on being on the road for 24 hrs straight, sole pilot of the vehicle, and needed fast & dry food to get you through, what would you take?

    I'm planning my BunBurner Gold motorcycle ride (1500 miles in 24 hours) and am trying to figure out what to eat. Only things I can identify that will be easy to shovel through the helmet at gas stops so far is some jerky and nuts... Any other ideas? Pre-primal I used cliff bars, are there any primal-esqe versions of that?

    Water is in a camelback, no big worries with that. I'll have an unsweetened tea or two to get through the wee morning morning hours, between that and banking a bit of sleep for the week prior it shouldn't be too big a deal.

    Last summer I drove from Santa Barbara (near Los Angeles) to Wyoming (near the Tetons). It took me two days. I did stop to sleep in campgrounds. I brought a cooler with pemmican (US Wellness Meats sells some but if you make your own you need no refrigeration) and avocados. I guess on a motorcycle you might have trouble bringing a cooler.

    What I do for backpack trips is I make dehydrated chicken (bake some boneless, skinless chicken breast, chop and dehydrate), sweet potatoes (cook, mash and dehydrate on parchment paper) and various vegetables. I fill a small peanut butter jar about 3/4 full with this, add some flavor (salt and spices, soup mix, miso soup, whatever) and add water. Let it soak while I hike. Add olive oil and eat after a few hours. Mix up another batch when I'm done and let it soak until the next meal. With a backpacking stove (see Zen Backpacking Stoves - Home of the Alcohol Stove for how to make a small stove) I can melt in some coconut manna or beef tallow for a hot meal.

    Works with breakfast-type foods like oats, nuts and dried fruit if you don't mind breaking the PB for a little while. There are paleo granola recipes out there you might try, too. I find that dinner-type food tastes fine for breakfast.
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