Guys please help me find out what I am doing wrong with my Primal.

Breakfast - butter, bacon, spinach and egg x2 omelette
Lunch - 200g of spiced, grilled meat (fat on). Broccoli, tomato, baby leaf salad with homemade soy sauce/vinegar/olive oil dressing
Dinner - varies more than breakfast or lunch, so let's just say steamed salmon, Japanese mushrooms, onion
Snacks - mixed salted nuts, biltong (South African-style beef jerky, seasoned with coriander, salt, pepper. fat on)
Drink - trying to quit caffeine but enjoy the occasional cup of coffee or Indian chai. A few beers or glasses of wine a couple of times a week.
Supplements - multivitamin, piracetam/choline stack

Gym - 2x 25 minute sessions per week of strength training (low reps, high weight)
Walking - 30 minutes walk to and from work each day
Martial Arts - 4 hours per week.
Kettle Bells - irregularly

Otherwise I have a desk job and am on my ass all day staring at monitors.

Work is moderately stressful. In the office for 9-12 hours a day.
Not getting quite as much sleep as I'd like. Average 6-7 hours a night during the week, more on weekends.
Skipping a breakfast and lunch once every week or two.
Don't get much direct sunlight

Went from 77kg to 72kg in the first month, then hovering around 71-73kg (I was not fat to begin with, just intrigued by the Primal movement)
14% body fat
Good v-shape happening, some muscle definition. Clothes look good on me.
125/65 blood pressure

Cholesterol is 320(!), with LDL significantly higher than HDL
Gains have somewhat leveled off, as I have mentioned above. Would Ideally like to get my fat percentage and weight down a little more
Irregular heart beat or heart palpitations (scared to google the correct term)

I guess the last item is what prompted me to write this coz to be quite honest it scares the shit outta me some times. It's the one where your heart seems to literally skip a beat, then it makes up for it in the next beat which feels like a big slow single beat that shakes your whole body. The thing is, I don't want to go and see a doctor until I find one who is down with the program and into the primal thing or something similar, for fear that he would prescribe me something for this and the cholesterol.

I'm 34, and I would like to fix this by adjusting my Primal. Thanks in advance.