There is a new law, EG 1924/2006:

EG 1924/2006 (english version)

The Netherlands is the first country to have this law as a test. The idea is that this law will be introduced in the entire EU and then worldwide.

Basically, this law prevents the public to know about the healthfulness of foods, unless it "scientifically proven" that the food is healthy. Companies are not allowed to make claims about the beneficial factors of their product(s).

So let's say there's a shampoo which is anti-scurf, this product may not promote itself as antiscurf unless the government has "proven" this is true.

Well, whatever, you might say, who here uses shampoo anyway?
But it's not just companies who sell products, it's also the internet. This means that this website would not be able to exist anymore, because Mark promotes meat as healthy, but the govenment says it's not. Mark has to take the site down or he could face a €30,000 fine.

I have already seen websites go blank here.

This is major cencorship, and it's going worldwide.

This information is partly based on facts I have read from actual public government files and partly from (trustworthy) thirds.