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Thread: PB nuts...which are ggood...which are bad???

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    The best nuts are whichever ones you can buy in bulk and still have a decent amount left a few days later. Unfortunately most seem to disappear at an alarming rate in my presence. I used to get dry-roasted almonds until I realized they were like a candy substitute and were often consumed out of laziness in lieu of cooking. I switched to raw almonds & pecans (less oxidized PUFA, marginally less addictive) and have been rationing them as additions to my standard BAS in 1- or 2-oz quantities. The biggest risk with nuts IMO is not the O6:O3 profile, it's sitting down with the whole goddamn BAG when hungry. Eat something else first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich View Post
    Hi I have been adding a lot of mixed nuts into my full cream yoghurt with a splash of honey for a breakfast substitute but have read that cashew nuts are not ideal??? has anyone got a list of nuts i can use?
    Cashews are one of the best. Macadamias are usually listed as the best because of the high MUFA content and low PUFA content, but they're also one of the highest in fat (and therefore overall caloric content), lowest in protein and lowest in overall nutrient content. I'd honestly take a cashew over a macadamia because they're less calorically dense, more nutrient dense and still quite low in PUFA's. Oh yea, and I think they taste better! Hazelnuts are another great option due to low PUFA content.

    Honestly, nuts are one of those things where if you can deal with none in your diet, that's probably the best. They are super high in calories (higher than chocolate!) and the fat composition is pretty poor, but if you control consumption and they're the worst thing in your diet, you're doing well. Walnuts are the highest in PUFA, but I consume them the most. I toss half a handful into my salads sometimes, and at that rate I'm not worrying about it. If they're a daily staple, maybe now it'll matter more and try to stay confined to cashews, macadamias and hazelnuts due to fatty acid profile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghshl View Post
    I'm pretty sure I've read on MDA that cashews are a seed, not a legume (or nut).
    Okay. I stand corrected. However, Livestrong and some other references online claim cashews are legumes in their botanical sense.

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