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Thread: front pelvic pain from kettlebell swings...

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    front pelvic pain from kettlebell swings...

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    Anybody get front pelvic/hip pain from doing kettle swings? I recently added them to my routine and now my pelvic area is killing me when i sit too long or in the wrong way, or if I do any type of hinging motion. Any ideas?

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    This is not normal and might be either bad technique or an underlying health/injury issue.

    If it is pain rather than muscle soreness then you might want to visit a doctor.
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    Couple quick ideas:

    Stretch liberally before doing any type of kettlebell swings. And not just static stretch - incorporate a dynamic warm-up to get your blood flowing.

    Check out Kelly Starrett's MobilityWOD blog for excellent tips on how to stretch every single part of your exo-skeleton (even ones you didnt know were there)
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    Also make sure that your lats aren't tight. When your lats are tight it pulls on your hip complex, this rotates your pelvis and puts exessive strain on your pelvic muscles. Hope it feels better!

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