I'm only joking....kind of.
I ended up in the ER yesterday after feeling particularly terrible, tunnel vision, tingling, sweating, etc. They diagnosed vasovagal syncope with unknown origin. I've never fainted before, I've read the the previous forum posts about increasing sodium so I had a cup of bouillon and am now waiting to not feel so.darn.terrible.
Aside from increasing fats does anyone have any other ideas?
I am currently nursing an 8 month old and also have a just turned 2 year old so I'm not particularly "low" carb, I eat plenty of sweet potato, banana, berries, a little sugar in my coffee and eat plenty of protein, although no dairy as my nursling is allergic. My caloric intake is generally in the 1600-1800 range with 100-150g of carbs.
Has anyone else felt something similar?
I had planned to post my virgin post on the meet and greet page as I was feeling amazing after 2 weeks of primal blueprint adherence and then this hit...