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Thread: Meggo's Journey

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    Meggo's Journey

    Obligatory Background Info:
    I'm a 28 year old teacher and have been living overseas for the last two years. I currently live in Kuwait and will be moving to Colombia this summer. Growing up, I was a dancer- ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, etc. I was always heavier than the other girls, but was strong. When I got to college, I stopped dancing and the weight poured on. My last few years in college, I did Jazzercise and Weight Watchers and lost some weight... then I went to work on cruise ships for three years. The massive amounts of booze and poor eating/sleeping added the weight back on (think daily buffets for all meals, hours in the bar at night, and 4-5 hours of sleep a night). While attending Grad School, I joined 24 hour fitness and was working out like a maniac, as well as being back on Weight Watchers. I lost 25 lbs and felt great, but hit a plateau.

    After moving to Kuwait, I focused on teaching and didn't make time for the gym or much healthy eating the first year. In September of 2012, I got back on Weight Watchers and managed to lose about 20 pounds before hitting another plateau. I was working out at the local gym and eating "healthy," but the weight and inches stopped coming off. My dad began the Primal lifestyle in January 2013 and has lost 30+ pounds. He has been overweight ever since I can remember and this is the first time he has stuck with a healthy lifestyle. I decided to give it a try, and in three weeks, I've lost 6 lbs. I'm not as focused on the weight loss (although it's a plus!) because I can see the changes in my body already.

    When I started, I cut out all grains/wheat, sugars and dairy. My skin cleared up, I had more energy than ever, and I really was satisfied after a meal. Last week, I was in Prague for vacation and had many beers (hello, it's the home of Pilsner!) and meat with dumplings. My skin broke out like crazy and I just felt sluggish. Now, three days after being back on Primal fully, I feel like myself again. This is a journey and I am going to use this journal to keep myself accountable and hopefully to form a support network on here!

    Things I've noticed since becoming Primal:
    *I never like unsalted nuts. I thought they were boring and gross. Now, I can really TASTE the food I eat, and I can't imagine eating salted almonds ever again.
    *I don't miss bread (although, when it's covered with melted cheese........ However, the thought of how dairy and wheat mess with my digestive system keep me from going back.
    *I don't get daily stomachaches... I credit this to giving up dairy and wheat.
    *I am losing weight and inches without doing 2 hours of cardio/weights a day--- rather, I do Zumba and kickboxing classes 2-3 times a week, as well as a circuit training class that uses mainly body weight to do exercises.
    *I can really TASTE the food I eat. This is huge. I enjoy what I eat and am really satisfied after meals. I used to eat a meal (pasta with chicken, or something similar) and would be starving an hour or two later. Now, I eat a big breakfast and big lunch, and have a snack for dinner.
    *I wake up rested in the morning, before my alarm goes off (which is usually at 3:50 am!) Wow.

    I am going to use this to post about my daily menus and workouts, as well as keep track of my weight (I try to weigh in once a week, otherwise, I will obsess over the scale every day).....

    March 4th, 2013:
    B: 2 scrambled eggs with 3 oz salmon and 1 whole avocado
    S: 1 cup mixed strawberries/raspberries and a handful of almonds/walnuts
    L: Salad of cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms and tomatoes with balsamic vinegar
    S: Grapefruit
    D: Chicken and meat kebabs (2)

    Current Weight: 188
    Size: 14 (loose, though!)
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