I'm typing this as I'm getting ready for work. I have not had too many struggles and setbacks in eating primaly at home, but work is another story.

I sit with the 'snack basket' right behind me. It is full of chocolate, sugar candy, and 'healthy' foods like Special K crackers. Every half hour or so, someone will come in, say, 'OoooOooh! I SHOULDN'T!' and proceed to mmm mmmm mmmm right in my ear.
I know eventually the craving for sugar will go away, but as of right now, it's very difficult.

The bi-weekly meetings are catered by a very good pizza place here in NYC, all vegetarian pizza and salad. There is no way to get away and get my own food during this time, and I am thinking of going to my boss and appealing to his health-nut nature. (He is a vegan who went raw for a while.) Before pizza we are distracted and starving, afterwards, sleepy and unfocused.
Lunch meetings are dumb.

And the birthday parties. And farewell parties. And baby showers. These are all accompanied by Magnolia or Crumbs. Everyone sitting around, goading others into taking more. I swear weight loss and fitness goals could be so easily reached if everyone around you just shut up and didn't try to justify their own behavior.

So, sorry this turned into more of a rant. How do you do primal in the workplace?