When I was 70 pounds heavier, it took birth control pills and retin-A to control my acne. The pills caused melasma, but I figured that was better than acne.

Last year I decided to stop taking the HBC and see if the weight loss would improve things with my acne - I kept using the retin-A. My skin wasn't exactly perfect, but improved enough to stay off the HBC so long as I kept using the retin-A. Then I went primal.

I noticed a few weeks ago that my acne had gone from very mild to non-existent. I didn't say "I'm going to stop using retin-A now" but I've been using it less and less and my skin has stayed great. And I just now noticed that the melasma I've had on my forehead for 8 years is gone. I hope (and expect) the melasma on my upper lip will soon follow.