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Thread: Critique my lifestyle! What's the least healthy thing I do?

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    Critique my lifestyle! What's the least healthy thing I do?

    I'm interested in getting feedback about my diet and (to a lesser extent) my workouts. My quick history:

    I've never had any serious weight problems, but I found that I was either all in or all out in terms of diet and exercise (probably "all in" about 60% of the time). In June 2012, after having been "all out" for several months, I decided to really try to educate myself about nutrition. From my own research, I started by eliminating refined sugars and refined flour as much as I could. Next, I tried to reduce my grain and cereal intake, then reduce fructose intake, etc. Eventually, I found this site and I often refer to it when I have questions on foods. I'm not totally primal, but I think my diet has evolved to be pretty healthy over all. Below, I give examples of typical meals over the course of a week.

    on days when I work out (4 days a week):
    3 scrambled eggs (pasture raised from Vital Farms), with a bit of Organic Valley Whole Milk, and a teaspoon or two of virgin coconut oil in the pan
    berries (4-6 each of rasberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries)

    on days when I do not work out:
    Shake with 8 fl oz of SO Delicious brand unsweetened Coconut milk, a half scoop of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey protein, berries (same as above), and a banana

    LUNCH (all weekday lunches are bought from restaurants near my office)
    twice a week: big ass grilled chicken salad (with romain lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, black beans, snow peas, green peppers, carrots, black olives, feta cheese, olive oil and vinegar). Not sure the size, but it's big and takes me about 45 minutes to crunch through at my desk.
    once a week: chicken club whole weat wrap (bacon, lettuce, tomato, jack and cheddar cheese, ranch dressing)
    once a week: chipotle shrimp, green beans, and broccoli
    once a week: Thai basil with chicken, with just a little rice
    Typically I drink a Coke Zero with lunch (I also drink an unsweetened ice tea in the morning and afternoon).

    Twice a week: Grilled Organic Chicken Breast and green beans
    Once a week: Grilled Chicken Salad
    Once a week: Baked Salmon and broccoli
    Once a week: Cajun Shrimp over tilapia, and broccoli
    Typically, when I eat dinner at home, I drink a glass of Diet V8 Splash.

    Those dinners and lunches only add up to 5 days a week, so I'm using my typical weekdays. On weekends, it varies a little more. There's a wild game restaurant not too far from me, so I occasionally will have an elk salad, or I'll get Thai food and just try to limit the rice I eat. BBQ meats and more chicken salads also come into play. Occasionally I'll get some wings from BW3s to eat while watching a game. I don't drink that much alcohol any more, maybe a couple of beers or a glass of wine on Saturdays, especially if I'm out with friends.

    I don't snack every day, but I find that Boars Head pickles are a good low calorie way to keep me satiated before bed. I also eat some nuts, although I've been trying to cut down after learning how much omega 6 they have. Still, I keep some macodemia nuts around, and to a lesser extent, Brazil nuts and almonds. Sometimes I'll have a few berries mid-afternoon on weekends.

    Also on workout days, I will have a banana snack in the afternoon, pre-workout.

    I work out 4 days a week (see below for details). After each workout, I have a protein shake, similar to the breakfast one I outline above, except I use the organic whole milk and leave out the banana (but still include some berries). I also use a full scoop of protein after my heavy lifting days.

    Also, on Saturdays before my heavy lifting day, I will drink a 12 fl oz Blue Monkey coconut water.

    So that's basically my diet. I also drink lots of water. Easily over a gallon each day just while I'm work. I occasionally (but not even every week) will still eat a sandwich, or some dumplings, or have some pasta (can't say no to my mom's cooking, after all), but I'm sufficiently transitioned off of simple carbs to the point where I almost never feel really hungry any more, and my energy level is very even (sleep duration is the main determinate in how I feel now).

    As for my workout routine, my basic schedule is:

    HIIT workout: I rotate through a couple of 45 minute Insanity videos, a 20 minute tabata workout, or if it's nice out, I might just sprint hills for 20 minutes.

    P90X Ab Ripper X or Insanity Cardio Abs video, then a 10 minute lower back strengthing video (all bodyweight stuff). Then I do 4 sets of pushups and pull ups until failure (my first sets of each are typically about 40 and 10 reps, respectively).

    Some body weight lounges and TRX single leg squats, followed by 45 minutes of swimming (alternating between a sprint workout, and a distance pyramid).

    Heavy lifting day with 5X5s on squats, deadlifts, bench press, rows, military press, and lat pull downs.

    Some other info on me: I'm a 34 year old male. 6'2", about 185lbs (the most I've ever weighted is just under 200lbs). I herniated a disc in my lower back about 5 years ago while doing stiff legged deadlifts, but I just recently started back up with the squats and (regular) deadlifts, after a personal trainer helped me have confidence that I could do so safely. I was a competitive swimmer growing up, so that's why I like to swim regularly. I have a desk job, but I make sure to get up and walk around every 30-60 minutes.

    So that's a good summary of my diet and exercise routine that I've arrived at. I understand the parts that are not totally primal (protein powder, whole grain wheat wrap, black beans, and rice, etc), but I do try to get most of my calories from meats, non-starch vegetables, and berries, with some nuts and cocunut products thrown in. I'm very busy, so I will probably never go completely primal in the sense of making my own sauces, etc. But my question is this:

    Does any part of this stand out as being unhealthy? Or put another way, if you had to point out the least healthy aspect of this lifestyle that you feel needs changing, what would it be and how unhealthy is it?

    Thanks in advance (and sorry for the length)!
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