There are countless opinions on this and I used 80% as an example.. I've heard many different numbers.

I do not give a rat's, er, bum, about the number on the scale. If I weigh 140 or 170lbs, it makes no difference to me. I do however care about the aesthetic appearance of my body.

I am carrying a layer of body fat especially on the lower half of my body (female pear) and it's obvious. I don't have 'thick' thighs, I have untoned looking fat thighs covered in cellulite (which for me goes away entirely when my body fat is lower).

So how do I get this fat off my legs without losing all that precious muscle I'm building? If I just reduce my calories, I'm miserable, cranky, hungry and end up yo-yo binge/starve etc... Yes even if I eat more fat or protein. When I exercise I just become even more hungry and eat even more..

My question? Well I suppose I wonder what people believe is more effective for dropping body FAT not simply body WEIGHT.

How/when/what I exercise vs. how/when/what I eat?

(Not sure this is the appropriate forum, it seems the most active though)