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    I think you will gradually know when to pass on them, and you are probably just about reaching that stage now.

    No need to think of them as vices, just foods that you don't choose to eat often because you feel better when you don't (if that does in fact turn out ot be the case). If it makes no difference, then by all means keep eating them Or let them be part of your 20%.

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    Almond butter was the key for me to give up peanut butter. Now I'm trying to get my almond butter under is just something about a creamy nut butter on a spoon.........

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    Today is starting day! So far, so good... In all honesty, it probably won't be that hard.

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    I have the same problem with dairy and honestly, life is better without.

    I occasionally succumb to the lure of greek yoghurt, but these days it tends to just remind me why I don't eat it any more. The thing that amazes me most is that I must have felt like that permanently but was so used to it I didn't notice. I can definitely live without a permanently snotty nose and bunged up sinuses!

    Just try doing without for a couple of weeks, and then have some dairy. You won't want to go back, I promise you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damiana View Post
    Peanut butter is definitely my vice, not the good stuff, I mean Skippy and Jif, the stuff with added sugar and salt and palm oil and hydrogenated fats. I just don't buy it anymore because I can and will eat half a jar before I know it, with my eyed glazed over and a milk mustache on my upper lips standing in front of the fridge. It's like crack.
    I resemble that remark. PB (skippy or petter pan) is something that If I have a little bit -- then the jar will be gone before the week is out (at the longest). We haven't had any in the house since going primal until 2 weeks ago when the wife brought some home to give to the kid to try -- he refused to touch it. Now its been in the cabinet staring at me for 2 weeks and every single time I see it I want to hit it like a ravenous zombie. Everytime I smell it from the wife having some (the only person eating it) I get the urge. But, at this point I feel like I can not eat it just fine and the urge goes away after its removed from my presence. Of course, the wife likes it because for years she would buy some and before she got a chance at it I'd have devoured the entire jar...

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    Try to think of these foods in terms of your health. You want to respect your bodies messages and listen to the wisdom it brings. PB and dairy don't make your body happy, isn't it more important to listen to these messages? If you try to give them up for 30 days I bet most of the cravings will stop. Try to replace the good yummy feeling you get with something else. Personally, Almond butter doesn't do it for me, Pumpkin seed butter is amazing, macadamia butter is like crack too. Try a few and see how it feels. In terms of dairy, full fat coconut milk works well, again, experiment. Listen to your body, it know's what to do

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    I made chestnut butter about a month ago with a bag of chestnuts and a blend of coconut and macadamia oil. The texture, consistency, and taste were all extremely close to peanut butter.

    might want to look into that.

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