Thank you for taking the time to look at my post. I know the title seems a tad melodramatic, it is however completely accurate due to the loss in pension, I didn't even look at the lost wages.

I have recently breezed 2 days of gruelling selection to become an Officer in the Royal Air Force, the final hurdle was to run 1.5 miles in 11:36 - Easy, complete 19 pushups in a minute - Easy... Except it wasn't, I got to my third pushup and I realised I was in big trouble. I ended up completing 18 and failing the whole selection process as a result.

As I am currently serving in the RAF I have a six monthly fitness test whereby I have to complete a Bleep Test at level 9.10 (easy), 19 pushups in a minute (easy), 32 situps in a minute (easy). The last time I completed this test was in Nov 12 and I managed my pushups in around 35 seconds. I ate completely paleo for the last month or so prior to then.

Is there any particular reason that Paleo eating will cause such weakness? I really need to get to the bottom of this as I am absolutely shell shocked by what happened as I haven't failed a fitness test in my 11 year career. My current job requires me to be fit and the implications are pretty severe for me now as my boss will not be impressed when he eventually catches up with me.

Failing any reasons for the lack of strength, are there any ideas on how I can build my strength very quickly in both my pushups and situps as I just managed to get my 32 required?

Any help/advice would be greatly received as I have been in a daze and have been unable to think of anything else for the last 4 days.