Hi there,

I've been a vegetarian my whole life (I never have and never will eat meat so don't even go there! ), and in the last year or so I'm giving up milk because it makes me feel a bit queasy/tired, and after drinking it the roof of my mouth will be a bit tender, so I'm guessing I have some intolerance to milk, but cheese doesn't seem to bother me.

I never really eat cheddar or other hard cheeses. The only dairy I consume on any kind of regular basis apart from the occasional cheat is Paneer and Ghee, both of which seem to agree with me no problem. I take regular whey protein shakes which help me recover after exercise, when I don't have them muscle soreness lasts much longer and it can take me a day or two to recover having one or two a day.

In regards to grains I think I have a gluten intolerance. I don't eat grains all that often, mostly it's wholegrain rice with chickpeas or lentils, ghee, spices and paneer, very occasional pasta and yeast-free flatbread type breads.

I'm trying to become a bit more lean (I worked out my body-fat around 8-9%), I swim around 4-5 hours a week, usually 400-600 lengths depending, as well as indoor rock climbing 3-6 hours a week, and gymnastics/crossfit workouts

I was wondering which would be the better option; try and reduce/eliminate grains from my diet, or target the dairy? From what I have read and my current understanding of health it's probably best to try and reduce the grain intake.

Hope somebody can give me some good advice, or point me to some resources that can help