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Thread: it's the beer, isn't it?

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    it's the beer, isn't it?

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    So, was doing well, feeling well, and yesterday I had 1/2 an ultra light beer. (also, some Kombucha, which is not my normal). I woke up this morning and was 1 1 /2 pounds heavier and face is a bit puffy. This same thing happened a week ago when I had 1/2 a beer. Does this sound typical? Does alcohol just do this? Or maybe the grain the beer is made from? Would wine be a better choice if I want to indulge every now and then? (once a week or so).

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    I would guess the beer, especially if your sensitive to wheat/gluten.

    wine or cider might be better but only way to know is try
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    Could be the beer especially, as noted, if you're sensitive to wheat. Could be the kombucha - sugars and yeast. Could be the alcohol in the beer possibly. (seems like a very small amount, but some people react differently after time without) Most likely it's the total combination of carbs, and the effect they have on water retention.

    If it's the carbs increasing water retention - most ciders would be even higher than beer. Dry red wines or liquors would be lower in carbs. If it's the wheat, a dry cider might be in order, or some wheat free spirit like tequila.

    I love, love, love the taste of kombucha, but can't drink it because of the sugars. I suspect that the carb count on the labels are sometimes off due to incomplete digestion of the sugars by the yeast. It could of course be the yeast or maybe just getting the sugar in very rapidly taken in form.

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