I'm sure most everyone on this board has noticed this, but I think it's worth commenting on. Ever since I gave up any form of added sugar/bread it's been incredibly easy to say no to the desserts that I once devoured to no end. They aren't even appetizing. But that's not exactly what I am commenting on.

Has anyone else became increasingly aware to how others act about sugar? How they get immediately excited at the thought of dessert? How they endlessly justify their consumption of processed sugar to no end? It's eye-opening how truly addicting sugar can be to some people. And I only began to notice this once I gave up the sugar myself. I recall trying to use my willpower to say no to a second or third brownie, but it literally wouldn't work. My brain would take over no matter how hard I tried to say no. Endless justifications would run through my head, making their case for "just one more little sweet". Now, it doesn't even cross my mind to even eat a dessert. And on the rare occasions (weddings/birthdays/celebrations) that I feel inclined to have something, it doesn't trigger that same brain stimulation that it once did. And desserts have became unpalatable to me, anyway, so when I do eat them, it's in a very small amount.

Anyway, has anyone else observed this sugar addiction? Anybody have any funny comments on it?