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    I have grilled bacon and sausage every day, two of each. The bacon is thick-cut, unsmoked and dry cured. The sausages are 97% pork and the rest is seasoning, no gluten at all. Often I also have some garlic mushrooms.

    This breakfast is reasonably convenient but I eat it every day mainly because it keeps me sated until well in the afternoon and on days when I wouldn't have it I would eat crap.

    I might deviate once in a while with strips of grilled pork belly or some smoked salmon but this is the mainstay. I would have eggs in place of the sausages due to the superior nutrition but I just don't like the taste, smell or texture of them.

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    I love eggs, and they are my go-to food for a late night snack, or if I get hungry before I'd normally eat my one meal. Bacon I like, but I don't go out of my way to buy it. When I can find the fatty not pretty pieces for $1.49/lb, I eat it and save the grease for cooking - so what I'm really doing is buying a cooking fat for $1.49/lb (cheap) and I get some bacon out of it.

    As processed meats go, there are a whole heck of a lot that I like better than bacon. Bologna (snouts + assholes + fillers + preservatives), pepperoni (also awesome with eggs), salami, mortadella (a lot like bologna), ham, SPAM - the list goes on. Bacon is nice, and I'm glad I no longer think of it as poison, but I don't eat any one food everyday, except coffee.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaczor View Post
    Damn, I wasn't expecting all this bacon negativity!
    I know really! Why can't the naysayers make their own thread? Bleah!

    I eat bacon a couple times a week. Good quality bacon. I might eat it more often if I had the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neckhammer View Post
    Bacon made from pastured pork belly really is just fine IMO.
    This is the key issue to me. I've relegated grocery store/restaurant pork products to the extremely rare 20% invocation portion of my diet. But I eat bacon from a local farm about once a week without the slightest regret. I know the PUFA content is reasonably low by the "how stiff is my bacon" test, not to mention that I know where the pigs live, and it's not in a field, not a confinement pen.

    Quote Originally Posted by Neckhammer View Post
    I gotta admit that all the scientific reasoning in the world that we should concentrate on ruminants for our meat can't convince me that eating pig and fowl is inherently suboptimal. I love good BBQ and for me pork will always be king of the meats for the smoker.
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    But yeah, pork + smoke = magic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emfuser View Post
    I get some decent quality bacon from a southeastern whole/organic food chain (Earthfare, if you're in the area),
    Mmmmmm........ Earth Fare thick, center cut, applewood smoked bacon. You're making me eye my skillet and it's way too late to start eating something now!

    By the way, Earth Fare's not just in the Southeastern US, it's also in the Midwest. I be in Ohio and recently got a job there. One bonus of working at such an awesome whole foods grocery is the 20% I get to save on all my groceries.

    I'm in the B&E Breakfast Club. I only get 10 minutes to eat at work, never know when my break is coming, and use up a ton of energy ringing out customers. I need the bacon and eggs to tide me over to when I can quickly wolf down a chicken leg and some salad on my break. If I eat my former favorite breakfast of yogurt and fruit, I'm starving after an hour and a half of work. As it is now, I've recently come to the conclusion that one slice of bacon, mushrooms sauteed in the fat, and two scrambled eggs aren't quite enough for breakfast and have started adding a small portion of yogurt to the breakfast as well. Best of both worlds!

    As for you bacon haters out there, I used to be one. Then, I discovered the best bacon in the world. It's all in the quality of the meat and how you cook it.

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    Eggs most every morning. I saute some chopped sweet peppers and chopped greens (kale, spinach, chard) then pour on a couple of eggs whipped in cream. Bacon many mornings; I just pop it in the microwave on paper towels to cook it, saves time. Sometimes the saute includes some crumbled sausage.

    Oh and now that I'm at goal, maybe a few berries or half an avocado.

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    Yep, it's definitely a staple in my diet.

    However, I do find that I have to switch up the way I cook my eggs so I don't get tired of them. I never have that problem with bacon though .
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    My guess is that it should be better than most bacon because it has no additional ingredients besides salt, I also have the spanish version (jamon iberico) often, but as a snack, delicious.

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    I love bacon. Whenever I get a craving for something that's not Primal, like ice cream or candy, I cook up some bacon and a couple of eggs, and it makes the cravings go away. And I like to wrap other meats in bacon. Like last night, I wrapped my chicken breasts in bacon, seasoned with a bit of herbs, then baked them for 400 degrees for 30 minutes. They were so juicy and tender and delicious! I also use the grease for cooking other things in, like greens and brussel sprouts, etc. Bacon is definitely a go-to food. For the record, I try to buy the bacon that has the least amount of nitrites.

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