DD and I went to the co~op yesterday and came across Coconut Vinegar. It's made with the sap of the coconut tree and claims to be rich in 17 aminos, FOS, B vitamins and a few other health claims (I don't feel like getting off my primal ass to get the bottle out of the pantry)

So, yes I picked up a bottle. It was that Co~op wow moment when you become mesmerized by a new product that sucks you into it's healthy claims. Then you get it home and ask yourself "What the Hell am I going to do with this!?"

It has a very strong salty flavor......

Is anyone using it? If yes, what are you doing with it? I'm thinking some type of coleslaw might be good. Or pickled veggies............anyone ever done that?

I want to stay away from adding anything sweet, but it's screaming for sweet to balance out it's sharpness