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    1. Cast Iron Skillet
    2. Stainless Steel Turner
    3. Deep fryer (It's a cheapie with the deathlon coating. Working on finding/affording a stainless replacement)
    4. Aeropress
    5. Hand-crank burr grinder
    6. Stainless steel electric kettle
    7. Big chef's knife
    8. Little paring knife
    9. Salt grinder
    10. Crock pot

    It was actually hard for me to even think of 10 things. I use the stovetop cooking/sauteeing stuff (1-2) and the coffee stuff (4-6) pretty much every day. I could really get by without at least half of that stuff if I had to.

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    In no particular order...

    - French press coffee pot
    - Mug with built-in looseleaf tea strainer
    - My huge, thin spatula (it can easily flip a big pancake or 2-3 eggs at once!)
    - Crock Pot
    - Ninja chopper
    - Ninja single-serve blender
    - Pyrex glass storage bowls with lids
    - 3-set of silicone spatulas (small, large, and large one that is concave like a spoon)
    - Veggie scrubbing brush
    - All-natural veggie cleaning spray
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    1. Knife
    2. Bamboo cutting board
    3. Cast iron
    4. Metal spatula
    5. Bamboo spatula
    6. Stainless steel pot
    7. Crock pot
    8. Chopsticks
    9. Glass roasting pan
    10. Paring knife

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    Used daily:
    espresso machine and grinder
    10" cast iron skillet
    8" chef's knife
    Small serrated paring knife
    Bamboo cutting board
    Small saucepan

    Other pots and pans
    10" filet knife
    DIY sous vide set up
    Propane grill
    Coffee roaster
    Toaster oven

    Monthly, quarterly, or so:
    Big chief smoker
    Meat slicer
    Slow cooker
    Pressure cooker
    Big easy infrared turkey roaster
    Waffle iron

    Have but never use:

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