Good for's tough getting on top of BED.

I used to be an awful binge eater - sugar, fat, starchy carbs - hey, I didn't discriminate. Primal eating has gone a long way towards ridding me of this, however I've also done a lot of work on my mindset and confidence. I disagree with those who say that food is simply fuel and a means of providing energy - well, I mean, yes, technically it is - but it is also something to be enjoyed and shouldn't be a constant battle. Somewhere along the way I've managed to move away from needing the immediate gratification to being much more interested in the vitality and energy good, nutrient dense food brings me. Believe me, it has taken a good few years of practice, but with it has decreased the need to binge until it completely stopped.

All the best of luck. Approach it with an open and positive mind, and don't mind the naysayers, and you'll get there.